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Documents Required for a Housing Lease in Japan

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Documents Required for a Housing Lease in Japan

It makes it more likely you will get the property you want if you are well prepared, as this will allow for a smooth application process

When renting a house in Japan, you will need many documents. There are also many documents that are required for foreign nationals. We recommend that you prepare them as soon as possible when you start looking for a place to live, as you will need them when you submit a rental application.

Based on the documents you submit at the time of application, the landlord or property management company will conduct a tenant screening, and if your application is approved, you will be able to rent the property.

Necessary documents for identification

Woman shows passport

The following four documents are necessary in order to verify your identity before signing a rental contract


・Resident card or special permanent resident certificate
Resident cards (zairyuu kaado) and special permanent resident certificates (tokubetsu eijuusha shoumeisho) are IC cards issued by the Japanese Minister of Justice to those who are permitted to stay in Japan for more than 90 days. Special permanent residents are issued a special permanent resident certificate instead of a resident card.

・Residence certificate (juuminhyou)
Some rental housing management companies may ask you to submit a residence certificate (juuminhyou) at the time of application. In principle, you should have registered your residence within 14 days of moving to the municipality where you live. A resident card or special permanent resident certificate is required for the procedure.

Documents proving your place of work or school

signing approval on documents

The following documents are required to prove that you are working or attending school

・Certificate of employment (tsuukin shoumeisho)
This is a document certified by your employer to prove that the person signing the lease contract is employed.

・Certificate of employment eligibility (shuurou shikaku shoumeisho)
A certificate of eligibility for employment. This is a document certified by the Japanese Minister of Justice, proving that you are qualified to work and earn an income.

・Certificate of enrollment (zaigaku shoumeisho)
If you are a student, this is a document issued by your school to prove that you are enrolled in school.

・Certificate of activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted (shikakugai katsudou shoumeisho)
This certificate is issued to international students and those with other status of residence who intend to engage in income-generating activities other than those permitted. International students can receive this certificate even if their place of employment is not specified. If you are not a foreign student, you can apply for this certificate when you are offered a job at a company.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service will issue the certificate, but the procedure can be done at the local immigration and naturalization office or branch office.

Documents providing proof of income

income statement

You will need to provide documentation showing you are capable of paying the rent

・If you are a company employee, etc.:
If you are a company employee, you can get a certificate of withholding tax (gensenchoushuuhyou) or a certificate of salary (kyuuyoshoumeisho) from your employer.

・If you are a sole proprietor:
A copy of the tax return for the previous year submitted to your local tax office or a certificate of tax payment (nouzei shoumeisho) issued by the tax office should be submitted.

・If you are going to get a job:
A certificate of salary payment or a certificate of expected salary payment will be issued by your employer.

・If you are unemployed:
Submit a certificate of remittance from your parents in your home country, a certificate of scholarship payment, or a copy of your bank book.


Knowing what documents are required when signing or applying for a lease and preparing them in advance will increase your chances of moving into the property of your choice smoothly. JAPANBOX wishes you the best of luck in finding a place you like in Japan!